Barbeques/bonfires are where it’s at.

Cheesy potatoes, Zimmerman's hotdogs and grandma's fruit bowl...Yesterday, I celebrated Father’s Day with my family by having a good old-fashioned barbeque. As I casually conversed with family and friends, I realized just how wonderful this time-honored tradition really is. No TV, no video games. Just time well spent with loved ones. I wish we could barbeque every day.

Also had a bonfire this weekend with some of my closest friends in the world. Most people who know me know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve – which can definitely get a little embarrassing at times. I’m sure this weekend my friends could see how happy I was just to be home, spending time with them.

It was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Happy Father's Day Dad!

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kim said...

I just stumbled across your blog- it's really nice!

It's so funny, I was just telling my 11 yr old son about the poem you posted about the other day. I went to find the book Where the Sidewalk Ends, and ended up sitting down and reading most of the book. I appreciate the poems even more now as an adult.

-take care, Kim