Is she for real?!

Someone forgot to put on their pants before heading out...

Little help "Heroes" fans?

So, I won't go into how I think "Heroes" is one of the greatest shows ever... I think I've stated that enough on this blog already.


Anyway, my BP and I were getting a little frustrated online trying to find a good "Heroes" message board. Anyone out there know of one we could try?

Also, if you'd like to talk about any possibly theories (take for example how A thinks that Sylar is Claire's dad), I'd be more than happy to discuss.


SICHUAN , China -- "One zoo in southwest China has its hands full with 16 baby pandas. The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom -- 16 pandas have been born since July, 2006. The brood includes five sets of twins. The cubs are weighed and measured every five days (see pics) The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds. The pandas are due to stop suckling by February, 2007 just about the time they'll start learning to walk. Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten. In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the center since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated."
On a somewhat related note, how weird is the word "suckling?" Makes me giggle and cringe at the same time.


I watched the whole thing

Do you ever get stuck watching movies that you know are just awful, but yet you keep watching?

This happened to me on Sunday. I woke up thinking I was going to be all productive, run some errands, finally go to Ikea (er, don't even get me started). Then, I got sucked into "Romancing the Bride" on the Oxygen channel.

It was a movie about a girl (Laura Prepon) who was supposed to get married in a destination wedding in Mexico. Long story short, she finds her husband-to-be shacked up with the wedding planner. She then goes out to a shady Mexican bar and drinks "Mexican moonshine," which makes her unable to remember any of her actions. While under the moonshine spell, she meets a "Mexican" man (with a horrible accent) and falls into bed, love and marriage. Chaos ensues.

Heavens. Absolutely brutal. Yet, I kept watching. Wasted two perfectly good hours of my life waiting to see what the future held for the damsel in distress, meanwhile knowing exactly how the cheesefest would end.

I'll never get those two hours back.

R.I.P. Barbaro

The world will never forget you.
(Read story here.)


I played raquetball this weekend with my husband and his mom. It was basically my first time ever actually playing. (The time with A out in Connecticut doesn't really count.)

Now, personally, I never really thought of raquetball as a sport that tested the limits of the body. Boy, was I wrong.

My upper body is SO incredibly sore. I'll never dis raquetball again.

P.S. See that woman in the picture above? That's what I looked like.


You're still my favorite Isiah

I'm so excited for tomorrow. A and I are going to the Pistons game compliments of one of A's reps!

Now, there will never be another Pistons team like the Bad Boys of the late 80s early 90s. However, the "Stones" team of today is a close second.

Can't wait to see Hamilton, Chauncy and Teyshaun!

Goooooooooo Detroit!

(P.S. Bad Boy love forever 11, 22, 4, 15, 10 and 40!)


House hunting in Toledo?

Anyone in the market for a home in the Toledo area?

I happen to know of a great one!

Three bedrooms, two baths, a new kitchen and more.

Tell all your friends!

(Click here for more information.)

Major dilemma

A favorite pastime in the C household involves sitting around the kitchen table playing Nerts (see former entry here). We play a couple games a few times a week. The dilemma you ask? I’m usually really good. (Excuse my lack of humbleness on this matter).

I know being good at something usually isn’t a bad thing. Everyone starts out incredibly excited. Then, as I conquer my Nert piles and pull into the lead, the C Clan gets more and more quiet/annoyed – especially the ‘ol hubby.

The problem? I just don’t know if I have it in me to not give 100 percent every game. I’m too competitive.

So the questions I pose to my loyal readers are as follows: Should I slow down for the sake of family fun? Or, should I continue on my quest for absolute domination in the world of Nerts – despite frustrating those closest to me?

Art 101

Today my work study student let out a gasp. I turned and asked him if everything was OK. He then told me that he had highlighted (in blue) over something that was already highlighted (in yellow).

He didn’t know it would turn green.


(Story from msnbc.com) SYDNEY, Australia - An Australian diver on Wednesday told of how he wriggled free from the jaws of a Great White Shark that had half-swallowed him head first, saying he could feel the shark’s teeth sink into his weight vest.

“I’ve never felt fear like it til I was inside those jaws, with those teeth getting dragged across my body,” abalone diver Eric Nerhus told the Nine television network from his hospital bed a day after the attack off Australia’s south-east coast.

Nerhus, 41, was partly swallowed by the 9-foot shark when it attacked at less than three feet below the surface, but said he managed to fight his way free by jabbing the shark’s eye with his free left hand.

“I went straight into its mouth, front onwards. My shoulders, my head and one arm went straight down into its throat. I could feel the teeth crunching up and down on my weight vest,” he said.

Nerhus said he was collecting abalone when the shark struck, knocking the regulator, which supplies oxygen, from his mouth and leaving him inside the shark’s open jaws and throat.

“I put my left arm down the side of its face because my head and shoulders and right arm were right down in its throat. Half my body was in its mouth,” Nerhus said.

“I felt down to the eye socket with my stiff fingers. I poked my fingers into the eye socket, which the shark reacted to in a way that it opened its mouth a bit, and I just tried to wriggle out,” he said.

As he pulled his head from the shark’s mouth, it crushed his goggles against his face, leaving Nerhus with a broken nose.

In shark's grip for 2 minutes
He estimated he was in the shark’s grip for up to two minutes. Once free, he grabbed his regulator for air and began to surface slowly, worried the shark circling him would attack again.

“It was just circling around my flippers, around and around in tight circles,” he said. “As I was coming up out of the water, it was coming up under my legs.”

Nerhus was pulled from the water by his son and other divers in their fishing boat before being flown to hospital, where he was treated for lacerations around his body and his broken nose.

The diver said he was lucky to survive, but he was determined not to die in the jaws of a shark.

“I couldn’t think of a worse way to go than to end up as fish food. That’s why I fought back. I was determined I didn’t want to go like that. I like life too much,” Nerhus said.

“I’m so fortunate that my survival instincts and reflexes took over,” he said.


Thank you Lionel

My dad has not been feeling well as of late, as you already may know.

Today, I went home to Maybury for B's baby shower.

While home, my dad asked me if I wanted to see his train.


We went downstairs - my dad smiling the whole way - and saw a Lionel model train set he had just bought.

Apparently, he has always wanted one and now plans on eventually making this train chug along throughout the perimeter of our basement.

I thank you, Lionel, for making my dad smile.


Maybe they were just better

Hollywood dads drive me crazy.

"After his daughter, Beyonce, walked away from the Golden Globes without an award, Matthew Knowles expressed his disgust with a somewhat familiar sounding rant.

Knowles told reporters back stage at the Beverly Hills Hilton right after the Golden Globes show ended that his daughter was outcasted and overlooked by a bureaucratic good old boy system that is still alive in 2007 as it was in 1967. 'Today is MLK's birthday and it saddens me to say that things have not changed for blacks. Working class blacks and blacks in Hollywood are still being discriminated against. We still have a long way to go,' he said."

P.S. Does he know that both Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson won for "Dreamgirls" alone that day?! Whatever. I even like Beyonce.

Yet another reason to love Target

Slippers are currently on sale at Target.

I got a pair of fuzzy, pink ones for just $3.48.


Two thumbs up

Have you ever dabbled in Photohunt at your favorite bar or pub? It's at most adult establishments that serve alcohol. (A and I first bonded over this game when we first started dating. So romantic!) Basically, the goal is to identify different things in two seemingly identical pictures.

Not only is Photohunt fun, but it's incredibly worth your while. That is, if your good like us. (Hehehe.) Tonight we went "out on the town" for some drinks (which we both sorely needed) and spent a total of just $3 on the game, which we played for nearly two hours.

Two thumbs up to Photohunt.

Be sure to bring some Oreos

OK. People officially weird me out.

On my way into work today, I heard a story on the radio regarding a new bar in Toronto called "Lactation Station."Apparently, the woman who is opening it said that the menu would feature six different kinds of breast milk.

Say it with me people. Ewwwwwwww.

The thought of drinking breast milk (i.e. the milky fluid that comes straight out of a woman's breast) just absolutely grosses me out. The only people, it would seem, who'll attend this fine establishment would be betting guys and perverts. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)



Tickled Pink

I would just like to say how happy I am that America Ferrara won a Best Actress award at the Golden Globes the other night. Her role on "Ugly Betty" is just wonderful. Sincere. Funny. Heartwarming.

It's so great to see such a role model on TV.

Side note: I recently saw a 50-year-old who was the spitting image of America Ferrara. We were playing poker. I told her she looked exactly like the girl from "Ugly Betty." I meant it in a good way (which I think she understood), but I felt awful.

Lucky Underwear

***Your Lucky Underwear is Blue***

You are caring and extroverted. You've made relationships your number one focus, and your lucky blue underwear can bring some balance to them.You thrive in one-on-one situations. You are a good listener and a natural born therapist.

Sometimes you let the concerns of others become too important in your life, leading to stress and worry.If you want more balance, put on your blue underpants. They'll help you take care of yourself first.

What Color Is Your Lucky Underwear?

* Thank you S for this link... Very fun. If only I knew how to post quiz results and videos properly... (Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.)

Reason #862 for staying faithful

Thinking about cheating on your spouse you Michigander you? Better think twice.

"In a ruling sure to make philandering spouses squirm, Michigan's second-highest court says that anyone involved in an extramarital fling can be prosecuted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison."

What do you think about this new ruling?

(Read the rest of the story here.)

* I would like to point out that people should surely think more than twice (or thrice, etc.) before cheating on their loved ones. I definitely do not advocate adultery. You take vows for a reason.


Golden Globes

Tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC! (Pre-show at 6 p.m. on E!)

Can't wait to see what everyone's wearing! (Oh yeah... and to see who wins too!)

I love you Dad.

Well, it's been over three months now.
Three months since my dad's been healthy.
He's been to doctors. He's been to hypnotists. He's even been to acupuncturists.
He doesn't sleep. He doesn't smile.
I miss his smile.
I wish I could help.
I love you Dad.

Unearthed treasures

A and I went home to Maybury this weekend. While there, we went down to my parent's storage area and unearthed some of my most favorite childhood treasures.

Exhibit A? My three bins of Barbie dolls, clothing, cars and accessories. I'm now nearly 27 years old and still can't even think of getting rid of them. Although, I must say, the condition of said Barbie dolls has indeed gotten worse over the years. I can't even imagine getting a brush through most of their heads.

Exhibit B? Wish World. (Pictured above.) I didn't have too many of these but I certainly remembering loving them. I had one that turned from a clock to a bowling alley, one that turned from a bath tub to a beach scene, and one that turned from a tv to a game show. Awesome.

Exhibit C? My bubba. (Embarrassing, I know.) I was close to being somewhat of a Linus with my security blanket. Bubba even became my nickname in my family. It was yellow and white, and had MANY large holes in it by the time I was brave enough to say goodbye. Little did I know my mom, who had made it herself, packed it away. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.
What could you never part with?


Am I dreaming?

Holy heavens!
What a euphoric thought.
Hugh and Ewan in one movie.
Together. (Not in that way... At least I don't think so anyway.)
I can hardly wait.
Click here for details.

Highly recommended

Have you ever played Nerts (commonly referred to as Peanuts in the K household)?

If you're like me and enjoy the occasional card game, this is one you've got to try. It's like speed meets double solitaire. Fun for the whole family - or just you and a friend.

Check out the rules here.


Woohoo for snow!

I'll keep my day job

I went to a local seamstress after work tonight to finally be rid of the duct tape holding the hemlines together in most of my "nice" work pants. The seamstress was an incredibly cute, tiny Chinese woman who kindly scolded me for using duct tape of all tapes. We smiled. We laughed. I liked her.

Of the six pairs of pants I took in for repair, two of them were new and had never been exposed to the tape. Because of this, I had to try them on in the store.

I went in, changed and came out of the dressing room and realized I was "in line" behind another girl my age. (I still can't say "woman my age" because that would make me a woman.) Anyway, the other girl got up on the pedestal and directed the little Chinese woman as to how her pants should be hemmed.

It was one of those moments where, if anyone watching me, they would have been laughing hysterically at my facial expressions. That girl just kept telling that poor little woman to make her pants shorter and shorter, way above her 3-inch heels she was wearing.

My heart actually hurt. Not only for the perfectly good pants she was ruining, but also for the little woman who, no doubt, was cursing to herself, knowing that she would later have to tell that same customer that the hem is, in fact, where she requested.

I could never be a seamstress.

* I realize I received a mini sewing machine for Christmas. I also realize, however, that it's often best to be realistic in life.

Newbie Nightmares

After talking with H the other day about her first day at her new job where she received absolutely no direction or guidance, it dawned on me that I needed to post a blog about first days.

Bottomline? Being new sucks. Not knowing how to do something sucks. Not knowing when to come in, leave, pee or take lunch breaks sucks. It's like your very first day of school all over again.

That said, I would like to say that I am feeling a bit more settled into my job and am slowly getting acclimated. I now have many things to keep me busy and am learning a great deal. Thank goodness.

Do you have any nightmare or interesting first day stories to share? If so, please do:)

* I am not aware of the identity of the little girl picture above. I can only hope her parents know her picture is circulating around the world via the Web.

Yeah for Macs!

Good news folks! The Dean of the Law School shares my affinity for Macs!

What does this mean? He has taken the liberty of ordering me my very own Mac Mini! Woohoo!

Three cheers for Macs!

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!


Want my underwear too?

A and I just got our first official offer on our house. Pretty exciting seeing that it really hasn’t been on the market long.

That said, we were a little less than enthusiastic about the offer. It’s obviously a buyer’s market. We know that. However, it was one of those that you just look at each other and laugh. Hard.

The best part? Not only did they ask for all of our appliances (for a price WELL BELOW our asking price), they also asked that we include our brand new entertainment center!

I find this a little disturbing.

We’re already getting taken for a ride on this ordeal, and now, you want me to throw in my most prized personal possessions?

I don’t think so. (Fingers snapping in the air.)



'Tigger' accused of smacking young fan

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- A Walt Disney World employee dressed as the character Tigger was accused of hitting a child while posing for a photo, a spokeswoman for the theme park said Saturday...

Seriously, you have to see the picture of the "child." Puberty sucks.

Click here for story.

Ready to buy

Well, it didn't take long for me to find a home to buy up in Michigan. This home is a real gem. So incredibly cute inside! (Could probably get in back in T-Town for at least 30k cheaper though... Amazing!)

If only our house would sell... (I know, it's only been on the market for about a month... It could be another year before we find our next abode!)

Check it out here.

No fireplace? No problem.

With these spectacular candles, you feel like you're sitting in front of your very own crackling fireplace. Wonderful to fall asleep too. (As long as someone else is there blow them out...)

Learn more here.


Friday thoughts

I had a long drive home from work today. It was raining, so everyone went at least 20 below the speed limit. On the way home, I couldn't help but just think. In an effort to purge at least a few of my thoughts and questions, I thought I'd post them for you.

- How long is too long of a commute? How far would you drive?
- I used dark red nail polish without using a base coat in a rush to get to a New Year's Eve party. Now, I'm thinking my nails are yellow/orange underneath. Anyone have any remedies?
- Panera (Bread) sounds really good for dinner.
- Can you see the lines on the road when it's dark and rainy? I can't. At all. (Probably a good thing everyone goes 20 below the speed limit.)
- If you married an incredibly wealthy person, would you still work?
- We're scheduled to go through some houses tomorrow. I'm really excited. I think I could always look at houses - even if I wasn't in the market to buy.
- H's husband, J, is entering his second week smoke free. I can't imagine how tough that's gotta be. Awesome.
- I don't want to spend money on tires for the Jeep. I'd much rather go on a shopping spree.

OK. Perhaps now I'll be able to put my mind to rest. Have a great weekend!


Congratulations D and J!

Just before I awoke to my alarm at 6:40 a.m. yesterday, I was dreaming about my friend, D. In my dream - an incredibly clear dream - a pregnant D went into labor and had her first child.

...Now, I must mention that D was, in fact, pregnant and due January 8. I must also mention, though, that I have not really talked to her since her baby shower in November or do not remember thinking of her or talking about the baby in the past little while (not in a mean, uncaring way!)...

Anyway, I called her after work yesterday to let her know about my dream. She didn't answer, so I left a message. Notorious for not having my phone on me, I didn't answer when my phone rang. It registered a missed call at 9:40 p.m. from "D's cell."

Turns out, it was "D's cell" that had called but it wasn't D at all. It was her mom calling me to tell me that D had her baby - a baby boy named Brody Steven. (Woohoo!)

I talked to D today. She said she went into labor at about 5:30 - 6:30 a.m. that morning - about the same exact time I was dreaming about her in labor. Weird.

Aren't dreams amazing?

Congratulations D and J!!! I can't wait to meet your new addition!


Canine couture

I have a huge soft spot for little sweaters on dogs. (Whether you view that as doggie torture is completely up to you.)

The example to the left - while not my actual dog - is in fact a sweater that my mom gave Cooper for Christmas. It's adorable. And, it came in a four-pack.

Oh yes my friends. Cooper will be styling all year round in his snowman sweater, pumpkin sweater and turkey day sweater.

Hehehe. So cute.

I heart my heater

I work in an institution of higher learning.

Institutions of higher learning often times need to cut back on costs due to a "flat" or diminishing budget.

During the "holiday" break, heat is apparently the first thing to go in most buildings.

The temperature in the Law School may have reached 50 degrees by days end today.

Holy crap.

Thank goodness for my wonderful heater.

* For the record, it wasn't just me. M, even you and A would have been shiverin' in your timbers:) (Well... maybe...)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

My resolution(s) this year? To be more active, eat a bit healthier and live a rich, full life. (You know... the usuals.)

I wish you all the best in 2007! (So many babies and weddings on the way this year... I'm so excited!)