Introducing... Eli Joseph!

Congratulations again B and C!

Can't wait to watch him grow up!


The icing on the cake

I went to Maybury this weekend to meet the new addition to the Furtah Clan (which was awesome!). While there, I also got to hang out with H and J, got to eat at my favorite restaurant with my fam (grandparents, Uncle J, B, M, B and parents), and enjoyed a few beers with H and M.

All in all, a GREAT weekend.

The best part? My dad. Smiling. Laughing. Getting better. Slowly but surely. It was awesome to see.

Who was your favorite?

So who wore your favorite frock at last night's Oscars? I think I'd have to say Reese Witherspoon and/or Kate Blanchett. They both always seem to look just beautiful.

What'd you think of Jennifer Hudson's "jacket?" Nicole Kidman's bow?


It's a boy!

Welcome to the world Eli Joseph Furtah!

Born: 5:49 p.m., Friday, February 23, 2007

Weight: 8 lbs

Length: 20 inches

Congratulations B and C! He's amazing!

(Pictures to come...)


Addison to get her own spinoff?

Not sure I like this idea.
Addison is one of my favorite characters on "Grey's Anatomy."
I'd be really sad to not see her when I tune in on Thursdays.
Read the story here and tell me what you think!

Savin' the date

Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008 is officially saved Miss Benz.

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your special day.

I'm so honored.

* Maybe you can get Stew (pictured above right) to dj?!!! I hear he books like a year in advance...

Chocolate or Cheese

A and I had chocolate fondue with fruit this past weekend. It was mmm, mmm good.

Which do you prefer? Chocolate or cheese fondue?

Step by Step

R.I. to recognize gay unions performed in Mass.
State’s attorney general says there’s no reason to deny them recognition

MSNBC.COM - PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch says his state should recognize the gay marriages of state employees performed in Massachusetts.

A letter dated yesterday from Lynch says Rhode Island prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and also extends benefits such as health insurance to domestic partners of state employees.

And because there’s no Rhode Island law banning gay marriage — Lynch says there’s no reason to deny recognition of same-sex unions performed in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is the only state where gay marriage is legal.

Lynch spokesman Michael Healey says the opinion is not binding, but a staff attorney for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders says she expects most government agencies in Rhode Island to heed the legal advice of the state’s top lawyer.

*How cool was the show "Step-by-Step?" I always wanted to have a beauty shop attached to my home... And that Cody. What a guy.


Routine driver's test for those above 75?

Woman involved in 3 accidents on way to church
Police say Marine City resident, 85, struck 2 cars, ran 3rd off the road

IRA TWP.- An 85-year-old Marine City woman on her way to church caused two car accidents, seriously injuring herself and another woman, during three incidents Sunday morning on Marine City Highway, police said.

St. Clair County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Green said the woman, whose name police are not releasing, was westbound and in an oncoming lane when she struck two vehicles and ran a third off the road.

At least three accidents occurred: west of Palms Road, east of Church Road and west of Church Road.

The first accident happened at about 6:30 a.m. and broke the side mirrors off both vehicles involved. One of the mirrors shattered the Marine City woman's driver-side window.

St. Clair County Sheriff Sgt. Jerry Bassett said the woman continued westbound on Marine City Highway, forcing another driver to swerve off the road.

"He said all of a sudden he realized (the oncoming car) was over a lot into his lane, so he swerved really hard and went into the ditch," he said.

The woman continued westbound after the near miss, hitting another vehicle head on about a mile west of the first accident.

The head-on collision happened about a quarter mile west of Church Road, where the 85-year-old struck a car driven by another woman.

The 85-year-old was taken by ambulance to St. John River District Hospital in East China. The driver of the other car was taken by ambulance to Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center.

Although the two women at first appeared to be seriously injured, Bassett said they were upgraded upon their arrival at the hospitals.

Deputies told Bassett that hospital officials planned to transfer the 85-year-old for further care to St. John Hospital in Detroit.

The other victim was expected to be released Sunday.

No further details were available about their condition.

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike!

See how much you know by taking a U.S. President's quiz here.

* How many Presidents do you think you could you name? In order?

To drink or not to drink

Remember that episode of "Friends" where Rachel starts smoking so that she can join in smoke breaks with her boss and co-workers? Well, I'm finding myself in that same kind of situation at my new job - only with coffee.

I work in an office with three other (very nice) women. All of whom head down for coffee together every morning. Laughing, chatting, socializing away.

(Those of you who know me know that I all but gave up caffeine quite some time ago. Sure, I allow myself to indulge every once and a while. But, I will never be a cup-a-day gal.)

I've thought about indulging every now and then in an effort to be "part of the gang," but they don't stop to ask anymore because they assume I'm not interested. What's a girl to do?

Hehehe... I know. I know. This is like the biggest dilemma ever.


Seriously scared for her

Wish the paps would just leave her alone.
I'm geniunely concerned for her now.
I sure hope her family and friends can help.


"Last Night in Paris"

"Last Night in Paris" is a novel. By my brother. Based in reality but creatively enhanced by fiction.

Now, I know I may be a bit partial, but I thought it was incredibly witty, thought-provoking and downright beautiful.

I'm in awe of his abilities and so proud to be his little sis.

If you're into reading and that whole bag, you can read it here (under the "Last Night in Paris" link).

I am thoroughly impressed.

A feel-good flick

A and I saw “Music and Lyrics” on Valentine’s Day. My review? Lighthearted, romantic comedy mixes witty one-liners, starpower and 80s nostalgia for a light and airy, feel-good time.

Between you and me, I left the theater thinking something was missing, though. Still not sure what it was. Perhaps, Grant (who is starting to lose his young, lost-puppy kind of charisma due to old age and wrinkles) and Barrymore (whom I always enjoy) just failed to yield the kind of chemistry that Grant and Roberts did in one of my all-time favs “Notting Hill.” Perhaps it was a glitch in the story line. Whatever it was, it surely wasn’t enough to make me dislike the film. There was just too much to enjoy to ever dislike it (i.e. Grant's hip thrust and oh-so-tight pants.)

Bottomline: It’d be difficult to beat romantic comedy gems like “Notting Hill” and (the newer classic) “The Holiday.” “Music and Lyrics” gives a valiant effort but fails to deliver as big of a punch as its classic counterparts.

(I’m sure I’ll still own it for Hugh Grant’s one-liners alone.)

Grade: B.

It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with my hubby.


I HEART this day!

I HEART my husband.
I HEART my family and friends.
I HEART (in a completely normal, non-threatening way) my boss who called to tell me not to come into work today due to the weather.
I HEART cuddling with my dog.
I HEART naps.
I HEART randomly perusing through the aisles of the shopping mecca that is Target.
I HEART broccoli cheddar soup from Panera (Bread).
I HEART everyone.

Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with things you HEART too!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

* I'm now having one of those moments where I've used the word "heart" so much in this post that it now looks completely wrong to me.


Music and Lyrics

A and I are celebrating V-Day by seeing this flick tomorrow.

I'm so excited to see it. Not sure why. It just seems as though Drew and Hugh would have such great chemistry.

I can't imagine

Last night, I left work without my phone (A had it as his is broken) and in a car that was seemingly pouring out smoke from under the hood.

I felt ill-prepared for my journey home and was scared I'd end up stranded on the side of the road in D-town, unable to contact anyone.

Turns out I made it home just fine.

Sure makes you think about how dependent we've all become on our cell phones. I can't imagine not having them.

Happy Birthday B!

Hope you have a spectacular 27th birthday today, B!

Just think, it's your last one without any little ones! (Maybe!)

I'm sure I'll see you very soon!


Visit my bro

It's not a blog. But, it's a website worth viewing!

Visit my bro at http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/ckaufman/mysite.html.

I'm currently reading the novel he wrote (which is located under the "writing" tab).

He's so talented.


I heard an interesting conversation on the radio the other day. They were talking about how this woman in China has started a “rent-a-bridemaid” business.

This, I just don’t get. Is it so important for brides to have a certain number of friends standing up there at the altar? Is it a cultural thing? Why on earth would you let (hire even!) a total stranger to share in your oh-so-special day?

My friends, I ask you. Do you know of anyone who would utilize this kind of service?

15 months of celibacy

Quick question for you.

If someone offered you a closet full of new clothes (matching shoes and the whole nine) for 15 months without sex, would you do it?

(Random question I heard on the radio…)

“Dodge the Lodge”

As if the commute to work in the morning wasn’t horrid enough, now, they’ve closed an essential D-town highway indefinitely.

Anyway, ever the intelligent driver, I’ve started taking a longer route (more miles, less time) that takes me past the airport.

I love it.

Something about planes flying in and the sun rising really just makes me happy. It’s very freeing to watch. Makes you remember just how big the world actually is.


How Sweet It Isn't

Can you hear James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is" without picturing Chris Klein singing it in American Pie?

I can't. I wish I could. Perhaps I need to tone down my teen flick viewing habits.

Brain candy

I’m addicted to Girls Next Door on E!.

It makes me laugh out loud.

"Snow day" rant

I would like to start off by stating that:

My sister is a teacher.
My brother-in-law is a teacher.
My mother-in-law is a teacher.
My mom and dad were teachers. (Recently retired.)
My brother-in-law’s mom is a teacher.
My cousin is a teacher.
My cousin’s husband is a teacher.
My aunt is a teacher.
Four of my close friends are teachers.

That said, I’m mad at all of you today.

I know you don’t control whether or not you get a day off of school. But, I think I’d have a much easier time on these kinds of days if I didn’t know all of you were sleeping in, staying nice and cozy in your homes.


What I really don’t get is, if 438 schools are closed just in WDIV’s viewing area due to the unbearable conditions, how is it that the wellbeing of college students is not taken into account.

I work at an “urban” university. A good portion of students here are known to take the bus in from cities as far as 30-40 miles. They wait at bus stops. They trek across our large campus. They are out in the cold far longer than most.

I just don’t understand. I want a snow day too.


Superbowl Sunday

Happy fill-your-face day everyone! Hope you have a great time grazing!

(Sidenote: I feel like such a fraud on Superbowl Sunday. It's the only time I'm remotely interested in professional football. And, I suppose I'm not even interested in the game. Nope, just the commercials, cheese, wings, pizza and beverages.)

From house to apartment

Well, after stressing quite a bit about affording a down payment, closing costs and an increased mortgage payment on a new home, as well as traveling to Europe in the next year or so, A and I have decided that it might be best to go back to apartment living for a while.

Things I'll miss about owning a home? The yard. The privacy. The space. The feeling.

Things I'm excited about? Not being so stressed out about money all the time. Meeting new people. Not raking leaves and/or picking up acorns.

Each has its pros and cons I suppose. But, as long as I'm with A, I'll be set.

Still have to sell that home of ours before anything can happen anyway...

(The layout above is a place we checked out in Farmington Hills, MI. One of my favorites so far.)


Mark your calendars!

What are you doing the weekend of June 23?

How about venturing to McMorran Auditorium in Port Huron, MI, to see my bro-in-law dance around the stage bare-chested as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?!

He just found out he got the part, so now he’s busy doing pilates. (Yes, we give him hard time about that.) Yay for M!

Can’t wait to see the show!

Congratulations again M!