Verdicts please

Well fellow D-Towners and metro surburbanites. Did you watch Kwame's public address last night?

If so, what'd you think?

* My thoughts are in the comment section.

Not even close!

I heard on the radio today that Victoria's Secret recently voted on the sexiest celebrity smile.

Their winner?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Ryan Seacrest.


I thought Victoria's Secret was supposed to be the be-all, end-all of what is considered sexy. I don't think I'll ever think of the brand in the same way.

I found the story... Click here.

Ultimate Office Prank

This is just tremendous.


Yay! Compliments of the 'ol Times Herald...

Molly Noel Noonan and Christopher Brian Dimick announce their engagement. Molly is the daughter of John & Lisa Weyer of Canton and Steve Noonan of Westland. Christopher is the son of Brian and Karri Dimick of Marysville, MI. Molly graduated from Canton High School in 1998, Western Michigan University in 2002, and earned her Master’s degree from Northwestern University in 2004. She is a Magazine editor for Consumers Digest Magazine, based in Deerfield, IL. Christopher graduated from Marysville High School in 1997 and Western Michigan University in 2003. He is a staff writer at American Health Information Management Association, located in Chicago, IL. The couple met while working at the Western Michigan University newspaper, the Western Herald. They became engaged December 21, 2007 and plan to wed October 18, 2008 in Chicago, IL.

Published in The Times Herald -
January 27, 2008

* Sorry M, I had to. Miss Benz, I'm totally on the lookout for yours...

Vicious cycle

Will someone PLEASE drag my butt to a nice makeup counter ASAP? Or, at least provide step-by-step instructions to order shades online that won't make me look like a dolled-up tranny?

Every time I'm out of makeup, I seem to be in a hurry. I then stop at my local grocery/drug store to pick up a quick fix. NEVER turns out quite like I hope.

I need help. Bad. I have absolutely NO clue what I'm doing with colors (for my skintone) or what brands are best.

Top 2007 songs

The Village Voice just released their annual list of the top songs of the year.

According to their survey of music critics, here are the Top Ten songs of 2007.

1 - Amy Winehouse "Rehab"
2 - Rihanna "Umbrella"
3 - LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends"
4 - Feist "1234"
5 - Justice "D.A.N.C.E."
6 - M.I.A. "Paper Planes"
7 - Kanye West "Stronger"
8 - Outkast "International Players Anthem"
9 - Peter Bjorn & John "Young Folks"
10 -Battles "Atlas"

Rihanna is seriously GORGEOUS!

* Info. obtained from perezhilton.com.


Congratulations J & J!

I'm so incredibly excited for you!

Can't wait to meet your new addition in Augustish!

New Kids Back on the Block

TMZ.COM - The wait is over. The boy band that spawned all boy bands will hit the stage one more time, according to People. The band's website has been down for years, but was recently redesigned and is up and running. A source says the official tour announcement will be made in the coming days.

In the early '90s, NKOTB were melting hearts of teen girls all over the world, selling 50 million albums, before they walked off the block in 1994. Now the thirty-ish singers will go "step by step" and belt out their greatest hits for thousands of screaming women. They hope.

* My new sis-in-law might be the first in line to see Mr. McIntyre...


Time flies!

A just found these pics of a new Cooper from '04.

I forget how tiny he was!!!

*I apologize for the quality. Our scanner isn't working so I had to take a picture of the pictures.

Loans for life

I found this quite interesting:

Yahoo.com - The world’s most expensive universities are not haute institutions in the Swiss Alps or on the balmy shores of the Persian Gulf. Nor are they the Ivy League citadels of America’s elite like Harvard or Princeton, or ancient halls of learning like Cambridge or Oxford in the United Kingdom.

No, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the most expensive four-year university in the U.S. (and most likely the world) is Washington, D.C.’s George Washington University, with a price tag of $39,240 in 2007-2008. Rounding out the top five: Ohio’s Kenyon College ($38,140), Bucknell University in Pennsylvania ($38,134) and Vassar College ($38,115) and Sarah Lawrence College ($38,090), both in New York. All private, all selective and all extremely pricey--and that’s before room, board and books are factored in.


I couldn't agree more

What Detroiters are saying (regarding the recent Kwame controversy):

"The city could've done a lot better with that money ... abandoned houses, infrastructure, redevelopment, schools, programs for kids, anything. This is definitely a waste."

- Damon Parker, 38, a Lathrup Village resident who owns property in Detroit

To learn more about the latest scandal, click here.

*Quote above taken from freep.com.

Truly unbelievable

Have you heard about the group that is going to protest Heath Ledger's funeral because of his taking his role in "Brokeback Mountain?"

Well, a Washington D.C. radio station interviewed Shirley Phelps-Roper, the daughter of the man who started Westboro Baptist Church. It is truly unbelievable to me.

Click here to listen to the interview.

I really hope family and friends are allowed to mourn in peace.


I heart Bravo (almost as much as HGTV)

First things first. Did anyone happen to see Lauri's wedding on "Real Housewives of Orange County?" How beautiful was that?! Can you imagine actually spending that much money on a wedding? Everything was absolutely gorgeous. And, what about Jo coming back? I loved that everyone was like "I guess she's singing now?..."

Embarassingly enough, I can't wait for the N.Y. season.

Secondly, did anyone happen to catch that millionaire matchmaker show? If so, isn't the woman who runs the operation just some kind of glorified pimp? Between the sleezy millionaires and the golddigging pop tarts, I'm turned off by the whole idea. What did you think? Will you be watching?


Do you remember the controversy surrounding United Colors of Benetton ads?

(I haven't seen too many lately, but remember seeing a lot in, say, the 90s.)

Anyway, one of our articles for class recently discussed how some people found it incredibly offensive that Benetton tried to turn a profit by publishing a number of ads that neglected to show any products and instead focused on often shocking imagery portraying health, sexual, racial (etc.) issues affecting the world.

Others were impressed with the ads due to the awareness that was brought to some of these important issues. Many others yet wished Benetton would have taken it a step further and actually promoted ways in which people could take action, instead of just merely posting a shocking picture.

What are your thoughts? Should advertisements have to show the product that they sell? Or do you think it's a wider issue that brings branding and imaging to a higher level that stresses the importance of sharing norms and ideals with one's customer base?

The countdown begins

Click here to read more about our trip.


How terrible!

Actor Heath Ledger found dead

Developing story here.
My stomach actually dropped. This is so shocking and sad.

What's your design style?

My style? (According to HGTV...)

Ethnic Eclectic
Your style is a mix of bohemian chic and contemporary ethnic flair. Whether you travel extensively or shop locally, chances are good that your home is filled with a collection of interesting accessories. By contrast, a neutral color scheme and furniture with simple lines is the best backdrop to accentuate your most colorful pieces. To achieve this mix-and-match design style, look to nature. It's all about simple lines and natural materials as a backdrop for your collectables and artwork.

Design Tips for Ethnic Eclectic
Contemporary and chic accessories go with any style. Dress up family-friendly comfort in the dining room with a sophisticated Murano glass light fixture that's out of the reach of little hands. Or, make the master bedroom your grown-up retreat with soothing colors from the garden and a wooden platform bed with a trendy upholstered headboard.

Find your style by taking the quiz at HGTV.com.

Oh no. Not good.

Perhaps he should have planned his day a little better. Say, by stopping by Starbucks before the ceremony began?


Candidate quiz

Check it out by clicking here.

It's actually a pretty cool quiz.

You simply answer 14 questions to find out which candidates are most aligned with your views and opinions.

It's official

My days as an Ohioan are finally over. I got my new license/license plate yesterday.

I'm quite excited to finally be able to check this off my list. Only took me about 6 months...


Uh. Oh.

Not a good sign. Perhaps it's time to turn in.

Wine is best in the tum, not on the shirt.

That's what friends are for

It is now 1:18 a.m.

H and I are toasted and dancing to songs on itunes. Just the two of us. In my spare bedroom.



Adios Mr. Chairman

I will truly miss your great abundance of random knowledge and your wonderfully distinctive personality.

I'm so happy for you!

Many drinks/dinners in our future with the ol' team.

Shameless plug


The Magic Bag

Ferndale, Woodward Ave, 1 block north of 9 mile on east side doors

8 p.m.

Jimmy goes on around 9:30 p.m.

Enjoy an evening (or even just 45 minutes) of live original music. He and some friends will have a great arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars, cello, mandolin, banjo and hand-drum/percussions.


The other Meg

I'm not sure exactly what season it was, but I absolutely cringe when I hear "the other Meg" on Family Guy. There's just no replacement for Mila Kunis' whiny, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard voice. Thank goodness the rest of the characters make up for it enough for me to still watch.

Last night's episode featured "death." I love him.


My next computer

The Macbook Pro Air.
Hopefully it'll be a little cheaper by the time we need a new system.

Did you vote?

Michigan had its primaries yesterday for presidential candidates. And, I'm a little ashamed to say that I didn't embrace my rights as a U.S. citizen. I did not vote.

Part of this has to do with still having an Ohio license, which I swear I'll get changed soon. The other part, though, is that I don't see primaries as important as the big day. Strange logic, I know.

Also, I think I'm already annoyed by the whole process. I mean really. Why do they need to start campaigning so early?


Another beaut!

Dresses for M and C's wedding above.
Picture in black. Very chic.
Can't wait to wear!


While I'm at it...

I also found this image as I was searching through late 80s/early 90s memorabilia. Was there any prepubescent girl out there at that time who didn't don this scent?

Blast from the past

You'll be happy to know that there are websites out there still selling these gems. (This unicorn holder to the right is priced at $78.00.) I was cleaning out my jewelry box this evening and stumbled upon my clown charm holder. I don't think I even liked clowns.

Anyway, did you own one of these bad boys? What did it look like? Did you have a lot of charms on it?

Trip of a lifetime

We officially leave for Europe on May 2, 2008 (which also happens to be A's B-day)!

On the itinerary? London, Paris and Rome. (Possibly Venice as well.)

We're going with H and J.

I'm soooooo excited!

Great taste

How beautiful is this dress?!

I'm so excited Ms. Benz!

P.S. The woman does somewhat scare me...


Yet another reason to love him

People.com - “I would refuse [to give Britany Spears a makeover],” Tim Gunn told PEOPLE at the recent YMA Geoffrey Beene Fashion Scholarship Dinner at Marriot Marquis in New York. “There is no amount of money and I’ll tell you why: I can’t want you to succeed more than you do. And it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to succeed. I think of her right now as being in exile from the human race and she needs major, major help… There was a time that we were all marginally amused by it and then it just became a repugnant horror show. No, I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in [making her over].”


Will I never learn?!

Why, oh why, is Yoplait yogurt so darn difficult to open?

I have covered myself in my favorite flavors time and time again while trying to open as carefully as possible.

Why can't I remember to open it facing away from me?!



I hit a bird while driving to work today. I could see it headed straight for my windshield but couldn't do anything about it. It hit SO hard.

Poor little guy.

What a way to start the day.

* I don't know a lick about birds. I'm sure the photo to the right is not the same type that ran into my car. But, you get the idea.

Awkward moment

There I was. Just sitting in my office, working my little heart away. When, all of a sudden, Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love" came on the radio. Before I realized it I had - quite loudly - cheered. I'm not sure if anyone heard. But, really. There's no way they couldn't have.

I didn't know Meatloaf had such a huge effect on me.


Another semester begins...

I can't say I'm all that excited to start classes again tomorrow. I think I'd rather come home from work and do my own thing. Oh well. Just have to keep telling myself it'll all be over soon enough...

On the agenda this semester? Public Relations Campaigns and Organizational Communications.

I know you're all jealous. It's ok.


Where's the justice?!

Top photo: A house in Royal Oak, MI, which would provide a relatively short commute for both A and I.

Bottom photo: A house just over an hour away from our jobs in Marysville, MI.

Both homes are asking around $175,000.

Seriously, how is that possible?

Good thing we're not quite ready to decide our next move.

I'm glad I wasn't on the invite list

I'm really not sure how I would have reacted to a life-sized bride cake.
I think I would have done the following:
1. gasped
2. laughed
3. spent the rest of the night wondering what body parts tasted the best
I wonder if her husband requested "You're so vain" as the official cake-cutting song.
For a clearer pic, click here.


When ill, always remember to...

... completely finish your cough drop before you fall asleep.

I neglected to do so on two separate occasions this weekend.

Both times, I woke up choking and gasping for air. Only on the first occasion, however, was I able to cough up the remains. The second is still lodged conveniently in my throat.

Thought I'd share.


Seems a bit risky...

I went to the doctor today as I'm a bit under the weather. She prescribed me an antibiotic. My wonderful co-worker IMd me the side effects (compliments of drugs.com) and, honestly, I think I'd rather have strep.

Side effects are as follows:
Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Stop using this medication and call your doctor at once if you have diarrhea that is severe or lasts longer than 3 days, or if you have nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, or jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes). Keep taking the medication and talk with your doctor if you have any of these less serious side effects:
mild diarrhea, gas, stomach pain;
nausea or vomiting;
skin rash or itching;
white patches in your mouth or throat; or
vaginal yeast infection (itching or discharge).


Check out this venue

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be posting this picture or not... But isn't this place beautiful?! Some upcoming nuptials are going to take place in that room this coming fall.

I can't wait!


So many exciting weddings coming up....!

Haven't you had enough?

While we're on the subject of things I don't understand. Let's talk about Real World/Road Rules challenges and how the same people just keep coming back, year after year after year. Veronica?! Coral?! Don't you have better things to do with your lives?!

They must get paid a pretty penny. There's no way you could actually have a job and take that much time off all the time.

Make it stop

I don't understand many things in life. One thing, particularly, is how this guy keeps getting jobs promoting products. I swear he's got deals with at least 20 ridiculous products. Everytime he comes on I have to turn my volume down like 10 notches. He's overbearing and obnoxious. And, to top it off, his looks don't even make up for his less-than-stellar qualities.

Can someone please explain this to me?