Who Knew?!

Wow. The world of blogs. Who knew the extent of this alternate universe?! As one who (embarrassingly enough) tends to follow cultural and technological revolutions more so than lead, I was astonished to open my eyes to the world of blogging recently.

As I set off for my first encounter with myspace.com, I was a little hesitant. I had heard of it for a while, but had never actually had the gumption to explore. When I did, frankly, I felt as though I was some kind of creepy stalker who was unfairly spying on his prey without their knowledge in the least. (I can definitely see why parents might keep their children away from such innovations. Many facets of the Internet are downright scary.) Then, out of nowhere, I got addicted. Seriously, how else can one find out what half of their fellow high school graduates are up to without actually having to endure meaningless small talk and awkward reunions? How incredible.

That said, blogs are obviously here to stay. So, in hopes of trying to actually be among the technologically savvy for once, I have created my own blog. (With many thanks to my much more-so technologically-savvy officemate...) Not really sure yet what it might consist of, or if there will really be an actual purpose, but I hope you enjoy!

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Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Welcome to the W.O.B. (World of Blogging)! Best of luck. :-)