Etiquette 101

1) When at a movie theater – If it is still early, or if the theater simply does not seem to be filling up, DO NOT sit directly beside an unknown moviegoer – even if the said seat might seem to be a better view. Six inches more in one direction is not going to change the movie. Sit at least one seat away. (Best practice is to sit one seat away therefore eliminating the possibility of a couple of late arrivers sneaking in and wedging themselves into the two vacant seats in between you.)

2) When at a karaoke barDO NOT “crash” a karaoke song – even if you think you might do a better rendition. If you have that overwhelming feeling like you might die if you don’t have the chance to sing “Like A Virgin” with a group of total strangers, odds are that you are incredibly intoxicated and probably couldn’t make it up to the TV screen anyway. Remain in your seat. Order a glass of water.

3) When in a public restroom – If you are in a large public restroom, with a large number of stalls, that happens to be pretty empty, DO NOT enter a stall directly next to another person. Bathroom stalls are not that large. Peeing and other business one might do in there is very personal. People need their space.

4) When hitting construction while driving – There is a reason those arrows and cones exist. DO NOT continue to drive in the left lane, passing all those good samaritans patiently waiting there turn for the lanes to merge. You are the cause of the problem. If you would get your butt over when they first tell you to, there would be no traffic jam.

5) When organizing a night out with friends – If you were the person who organized the night out, DO NOT leave an hour after you get to your destination. Your friends came to hang out with you. This does not make any sense. (That one was for you T’roy! Hehehe!)

I’m not angry. I just feel as though these lessons should be taught to those who have never had the pleasure of learning them. Please let me know if you have any more rules of etiquette to add to the list.

For more rules on etiquette, visit http://www.everyrule.com/etiquette.html


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I agree with all of these lessons.

At Pirates II on Saturday, C. and I were VERY early. So, we got great seats. Then, about 15 minutes before the movie started an individual sat one seat from me. Another, sat one seat from C. No big deal at all. (Nice spacing.)

So, the lights dim. Previews start. A man and his wife creep into our row and then ask me if anyone is sitting in the ONE seat next to me. (I'm thinking, "Wow. They're going to sit in one seat?") Then, they proceed to STARE at me until I get up and MOVE to the ONE empty seat on the other side of C.

They were rude.

They need this lesson.

Tiny said...

What?! That's just absurd. Some people amaze me.