Grilled food is just better

With barbeque season now in full swing, I thought I'd pose a very important question.

Which do you prefer: Hot dogs or brats?

My vote? Hot dogs (preferably with just ketchup). Hands down.

Bonus question: What's your favorite barbeque side dish?


Michelle said...

I am very much a fan of hot dogs! I will eat them any time, any place (although, there is nothing finer than a hot dog at a baseball game. wow.) I prefer them with mustard only. And I don't care what they are made from, they're delicious!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Well, since I don't feast on traditional hot dogs OR hamburgers, I'm must choose other options.

I LOVE the Boca brand brats. They're great.

I'm also a huge fan of relish, mustard, onion and ketchup. (On the brat.)

As a side: I enjoy any sort of potato dish. I also really love corn on the cob and WATERMELON. (I had to capitalize. Because I love it.)

sarah said...

My vote is for Hotdogs (I think brats are somewhat disgusting) with mustard and sometimes onions.

As for a side, nothin' beats chips or doritos with my dogs.