I'm so excited. I just can't hide it.

Fun. Sun. Volleyball. Friends. Barbeques. Beverages. I am SO excited for this weekend.

Since 7th grade, I have been known to spend the last weekend in July in Mayberry, playing volleyball until the cows come home. (OK, we don’t have many cows IN M-ville per say, but tell that to Channel 4 in Detroit who once tried to prove otherwise. Does this ring a bell to any proud residents? “Welcome to the city of M-ville. Where tractors roam the streets…”) I digress.

Anyway, this year is no different. (Although, we’ll surely miss playing with Peanut, who, for reasons I’m not sure I’m able to say, will not be able to join our team this year. Congratulations again P!) Familiar faces will be seen. Music will blare. Competition will be tough. Good times will be had by all.

I’ll try my best to concentrate here at work for the next hour and a half, but I make no promises regarding my productivity. Really, there is no other weekend that I enjoy quite as much as this one.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...
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Bob said...

It was a killer weekend. You can only describe what volleygrass is like to a certain degree. You have to experience it to get the fool affect! I LOVE IT!!!!

Tiny said...

And B makes his first appearance on the blog... Yay B!!!!

I had SUCH a great time this year at Volleygrass!... Thanks for playing with us!