It could be worse

Top 5 jobs
... I, personally, would never want:

Restroom cleaner/janitor
Garbage truck driver
Flight attendant
Pet food manufacturer

What are yours?!


Jenn said...

1. President of the United States or any other politically driven job.
2. Doctor of any kind
3. Help Desk worker at a cable,phone, credit card company
5. Special Events Coordinator (hehehehe)

good for people who do the top 4, I wouldn't have the patience or stomach to handle those jobs!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

hahahaha "pet food manufacturer." awesome.

1. High school Math teacher (I don't like math. Or high-school aged kids.)
2. Cow-milker/dairy farmer (That's just gross.)
3. Sewage/sanitation worker (No poop.)
4. Nurse (I can't deal with other people's fluids.)
5. Japanese translator (That would get old.)

Michelle said...

Let's see... (I'll try to think of some that haven't been mentioned.)

1. An accountant.
2. A podiatrist.
3. A telephone soliciter.
4. A cameraperson for pornography companies.
5. A mayonnaise factory worker.

Tessa said...

1. Girlfriend of a doctor :(
2. Door to door Kurby vacuum salesperson
3. Plumber
4. Food taster (imagine how much I'd weigh)
5. Psychologist (I have my own issues)

Tiny said...

Yay! Awesome Tessa!

Very good occupations by the way. I don't think I'd enjoy any of those either...