Living in the now

A and I were talking yet again yesterday about our mutual desire to move on with our lives. We’re both so ready, so eager for change. We spend so much energy thinking about where we might go, what we might do. (There is an incredible amount of excitement in the unknown.)

The problem? We realized that we haven’t really been living in the present, only yearning for the future.

We’ve lived in our humble home for just a little over a year now. In that time, we’ve been almost consumed by the thought of potentially putting up a for sale sign. Do we buy a patio set for our deck? What if our next home doesn't have a deck? Should we recarpet the upstairs before we move out? Exactly how much money should we put into a house, knowing we won’t be here to enjoy the upgrades?

Every single thought or decision has been guided by our eagerness to move on.

In retrospect, I’m sure we would have lived the last year at least a little differently had we been aware of our actions. So, we decided that, until it comes time to load our moving truck, we’re going to try to focus a little more on enjoying life and living in the now.

Are we scared of contentment? Why do we always want more?

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