Dweebs, Geeks & Weirdos

Not sure why I started to think about this game on my way to work today. I think it was a mixture of the "dweeb" thing (knowing what/who I was going to see yet again today) and the pure silence our wonderful Jeep provides. A mind surely tends to wander without radio access.

For those of you out there who never had the pleasure, "Dweebs Geeks & Weirdos: The Totally Awesome Game of Zany Stunts" is a game where you go from an "absolute zero" to "totally bad dude" by throwing a plastic chip into the box (being sure to land closest to the "gold tooth"), drawing a card, doing the required action on the card, and moving the appropriate amount of spaces.

Anyway, this one was of my favorite games in my pre-pubescent days. I used to make my sister, B, play it with me all the time. Ahhh, memories.


wrestling kitties said...

I have never heard of this!!! It looks like it totally was something from our generation of games! Too funny!!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Wow! I've never heard of this either. Crazy!