I hate onions

In an ode to O’s student newspaper, I thought I’d start the day with a little “Orchids and Onions.”

Orchids to girl’s fondue night.
Onions to work-related problems.
Orchids to “Sex in the City.”
Onions to being parked in.
Orchids to “Project Runway.”
Onions to laundry.
Orchids to dog sitting.
Onions to dirty microwaves.
Orchids to new homes.
Onions to slow drivers.
Orchids to friends and family.

Photo can be found at http://www.onion-router.net/Images/onion.gif.


wrestling kitties said...


Onions to Opening Week & the Picnic
Orchids to it almost being over
Onions to my very messy apartment
Orchids to seeing my parents last night
Onions to all the students/tractor pullers in town
Orchids to my sister being one of the students
Onions to ALL the planning I have left & the program not being done
Orchids to less then a month till our wedding!!!!

Tiny said...

Yay! Less than a month!!!!! Orchids, orchids, orchids!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh! I loved that you did an Orchids and Onions! I'dlike to start doing this, too! Fun.

(Jenn...YOU're getting married!)