Internet addiction

So, apparently, there is now a new halfway house for teen Internet addicts in China. The Shanghai-based clinic offers counseling and overnight stays for addicted teens.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about getting help when needed, but here are my initial, random thoughts:
1) Why would this type of halfway house offer the use of computers? (Read story here.)
2) Hellooooo parents! Where are you? Where is the parental control and involvement in your children's lives? Ever heard of Cybersitter?
3) Why aren't there better limits placed on computer access at Internet caf├ęs?
4) When does the I-pod halfway house open up?
5) What constitutes an "Internet addiction?"
6) Stop using the Internet as a babysitter. Get involved in your children's lives!

That said, I wonder if any halfway houses have opened up for young, professional adults addicted to blogging?

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