There is just NOTHING on network television these days. I mean seriously. When a show involving circus performers, Brandy and David Hasselhoff is the highest rated show on television, something is definitely wrong. What happened to the good ‘ol days where sitcoms reigned supreme? Has summer television always been this horrible?

Last night, as I lay lounging in my bed, I was pleased to find a new reality show on ABC titled, “One Ocean View.” Advertised as a “Real World” for 20-somethings, I thought, this might be something I might actually want to watch for the next few weeks. Wow. I was wrong.

Now, for whatever reason, it’s OK to watch a group of teenagers drink, act slutty and fight with one another. That’s what you do at that age. There’s a certain acceptable lack of maturity that MTV reality stars possess at the beginning of each season. And then somewhere, in the midst of the madness, most (*not all) of them miraculously tend to grow up and become decent human beings. That’s what makes those shows; you get to watch them make mistakes and learn from them.

“One Ocean View producers neglected to see the winning formula of “Real World-esque” shows. Everything about this show is just not OK. At 20-30 years old, these people should have most of their “mistakes” behind them. They should be acting like the established, successful business people they are, instead of immature 18-year-olds. Since when do 20-30 somethings get an entire summer off to live in a house with a group of strangers anyway?

Just another example of bad television.

I don’t want to complain too much, though. Not having cable television during the spring/summer months has actually been a blessing in disguise this year. It has allowed A and I to find a wide variety of other things to do to occupy our time. (Please do not venture out of PG land. I haven’t.)

That said, A, cable is sure is looking like a good idea for fall.

* Photo courtesy of http://abc.go.com/primetime/oneoceanview/images/gallery/101/gallery.html?photo=1

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