Bring on the boots

I LOVE Fall. One reason? NEW BOOTS!

Last year, I bought a pair of boots on clearance that I didn't really love. I wore them about a week before the zipper got stuck and A accidentally wrecked them. Just wasn't meant to be, I suppose.

So, the onset of Fall is once again giving way to another search for the perfect boot.

I love the pair pictured above. (Too bad they're like $200 bones.)

I also love the new flat look (with your jeans tucked in). But, short girl's gotta have heels!

Anyone know of any good deals?


Clyne said...

I can handle the "tucked in" look, just tell me you never wear Ugg Boots....

Tiny said...

Awesome N! Way to make your blog debut on my "boot" posting. Hehehe.

No worries. I've never owned, nor will I ever own, a pair of Uggs. Not that I"m totally against them or anything... I'd just rather spend my money on shoes I love.


wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE boots!!! I can't wait to find another cute pair to add to my closet floor of boots I can wear with jeans! Boot buying is SO fun!