Four-legged friends

As I sit here by myself today, in a completely abandoned office (…everyone and their mother took today off for some reason!…), I am reminded of a feature story that ran on "60 Minutes" this week. It was about how more companies are becoming pet-friendly (i.e. dog friendly).

I initially thought this was a stupendous idea. (Seriously, how cool would it be to be talking on the phone to a client or vendor, while at the same time petting your pooch?!)

As a dog owner, I know how furry, four-legged companions can make a person feel. (All warm and fuzzy inside.) And, the pro-pet friendly organizations echoed that sentiment. They also suggested that people who are allowed to bring their dogs to work are, in general, more content and more willing to put in extra time when needed.

OK. Great. I’m for it.

Hmmm… but what about the obvious arguments? There are certainly a number of potential pitfalls to the situation like:

…What if co-workers are afraid and/or allergic?
…What about cat owners? (If you know me, you know that was difficult to write. However, IF I loved cats, I’m sure I’d feel angered by not being allowed to bring in my feline friend.)
…What about “accidents?”
…What if dogs don’t get along with other dogs?

You get where I’m going.

If companies establish themselves as pet-friendly employers first and foremost, wonderful. In that situation, potential employees would be able to make the choice if that kind of environment is right for them.

It’s the already established organizations that need to be careful. Change is great and all, but if you don’t have the support from your current employee roster, maybe a pet-friendly environment just isn’t the way to go.

That said, I’d be in.

What do you think? Would you be open to working in a pet-friendly environment?

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wrestling kitties said...

I am torn with this. I LOVE dogs and would have one if I didn't live in an apt. Instead I have two cat (which I would never want to bring to work - food, kitty liter, they don't just lay down - UGH too much!). I wouldn't be mad that other co-workers brought in their pets but I only imagine this working in a very small company/office with just a few people. I couldn't even imagine a place like where I work allowing pets - we already have enough anaimals (aka students) walking around!

My last job on fridays you could bring in your pet. It was nice we always had to golden retreivers walking around. But we only had 5 people in our office and it didn't get foot traffic like where I currently work does!

I would say that I am for it pending the type of place you work and as a cat owner I would never be mad that I couldn''t bring my felines with me!!