Left me thinking

I was asked to take pictures once again today at work. (To answer your question, no, I am not particularly anymore skilled in the art of photography than anyone else. I am just the sucker who said yes to taking a picture a long time ago and has henceforth become known as the College photographer.)

Anyway, I was asked to attend a lecture/discussion event remembering the Holocaust and take pictures of the speakers. Normally, I cringe at photo requests. Not today. For whatever reason, I've always enjoyed history and can get quite rapped up in stories of yesteryear.

I must admit, before going I was somewhat nervous of what I might feel. Discussion of the Holocaust is often so terribly difficult - and I by no means was affected by it as some were. But, just to have the privilege of listening to those who had been there, who have lived it, was absolutely amazing.

My review? It was great. The speakers were great. The questions were great. The three old women sitting behind me discussing the origins of the Celts were great. (?!?!)

Final thought? I'm both saddened and inspired by humanity.

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