Subconsciously speaking

I’m a very emotional person. Try as I might to be less driven by emotions, most everything I do in life is dictated by my feelings. I laugh hard and I cry hard. That said, it is often very difficult for me to push feelings aside – even when I no longer realize I’m having them.

Case in point? Dreams. I have extremely vivid dreams. Often.

Most of my dreams tend to be recurring. They are the kind of dreams that drive you insane because you’ve had them so many times. Most of the time, they revolve around people from my past with whom I seem to lack some sort of closure. Whether it’s a close friend with whom I’ve lost touch, an ex-boyfriend I’ve done wrong or a family member I haven’t seen in a while, I can’t seem to get over things once I nod off to dreamland.

They say dreams are a sort of portal to our subconscious soul. If that’s true, what are my dreams trying to tell me? Why do I have them, and, how much does it take for one’s subconscious to just let go?

I used to be haunted by nightmares in which my teeth would fall out, wither away or crumble right in my mouth. Fortunately, I found that if I continue to wear my retainer one night a week (sexy!), I never have them. I wonder if that means there's some kind of quirky solution to end any/all dreams...

* How much did you love Little Critter books...?


wrestling kitties said...

We have talked about dreams before because I too find my mind cluttered with MANY dreams that are very vivid. There are times I have to think if it was a dream or reality. As nice as it is to have some of the fun dreams as I do it can be a little too much at times. You worry about the dreams, try to analize, or whatever - it can get too much. I love the nights my mind rests (usually with the help od tylenol pm or nite-quil (shhhhh) because I can get an undisturbed nights sleep.

I do wonder what these dreams mean as well as why do some people dream and others do not? Maybe we have special powers!!! ahahah

Anonymous said...

As a non-dreamer, I'm completely amazed by your many dreams. Very interesting... Do they mean something? Or do do they mean absolutely nothing? So odd...

(And yes, I loved those books. So cute.)

Anonymous said...

This is very weird...one of my re-occuring dreams (nightmares really) is one where my teeth completely crumble and fall out of my mouth.

I have yet to figure it out.