Where's my US?

It's Sunday night and I have yet to read my US magazine, which is supposed to come on Fridays. I thought having a subscription was supposed to guarantee that you see it before it hits newstands. I had to turn and look away when at the checkout at Meijer yesterday.

This is not the first time.

That's crap.


wrestling kitties said...

I went to rite aid saturday to get some medicines for my cold and picked up US magazine because it had been weeks since i had bought it for myself to read. As I am reading it I was thinking....this is all old news. I haven't been reading popsugar recently but I thought all this happened like a week ago. But didn't really think to much because I have other things to worry about. Then last night (sunday) T & I went to meijer and I notice US magazine and it was a different copy then what I bought! I had bought last weeks copy!!! Damn you rite aid....take your old copies off the shelf and get new ones in!!! So of course I bought the new one as well....but needless to say i will not be buying any more copies of magazines from rite aid!

Tiny said...

Oh J! That sucks! You should totally take it back and demand a new copy!

That's even worse than getting your copy in the mail three days late.

That sucks!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Seriously, that is complete crap.

I too, experiences an annoying magazine issue. The new Vanity Fair was supposed to come out on the 6th - but when I tried to buy it in Phoenix, they still had the old one on the stands. Come to find out, it only came out in L.A. and NY on the 6th - I think it comes out today for the rest of us peons.



and Jenn - that is horrible. You should totally take it back, with reciept and complain. That's ridic. (Are you feeling better?

wrestling kitties said...

A whole 5 days later VF is released??? I guess LA & NY are the only places with trendy people...whatev!

I thought about taking it back but it is just one more stop on my already long list of things to do. I will suck up the almost $4 as I should have checked the date but I am expressing my unhappiness by not spending my probably over $200+ a year I spend on magazines at their place of business! Oh that sounds horrible how much I spend on magazines....YIKES! :-)

I am starting to feel much better, thank you! Just a little cold, it should be almost non-existenet within the next few days - Hopefully!!! (thanks for asking!)