Get a grip

Somewhere in Georgia, there's mother of four who is trying to ban Harry Potter books saying that that "the popular fiction series is an 'evil' attempt to indoctrinate children in the Wicca religion."


There's a reason some books are called fiction. It's not real. It's makebelieve.

The Harry Potter series has inspired so many people – who might otherwise opt for less educational forms of entertainment – to read. It has captured the hearts of adults and children alike through its captivating tales and oh-so-loveable characters.

If you don't want your children to read certain books, that's fine. But what right do you have to take that experience away from others? Get a grip.

Read the full story here.


M said...

Heaven forbid any child uses their imagination when reading books. We most certainly don't want to encourage that.

I'm sure J.K. Rowling is sitting around cackling at the number of children she has converted to Wiccaism.

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Someone else who doesn't read Harry Potter!

(Just kidding - I think it's awesome that they spawned such a reading frenzy for kids and adults. Very cool.)