Goooo Tigers!!!

What an amazing game yesterday! M, I even got teary when Ordonez hit that last one out of the park. Underdog stories are the best!

Goooo D-town!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Detroit and good PR!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby! Chris and I watched both games in the other D this weekend. Although I'm allergic to sports, I loved every minute and it made me proud to be a Detroiter. D-town in the hizzouse!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just getting updated on all your blogs, and I just had to post for this one. What an amazing couple series the Tigers have had so far!! I got to go to Comerica for my birthday for this last series...it was amazing!!! =)

P.S. You put some classic CD's with classic tunes on your list for CD's you could listen to over and over again! I couldn't think of anymore to add at the moment because your list was so good! =)