Happy Birthday!

I think Hugh Jackman is just super. He's so talented. I mean, seriously. There aren't many leading actors who could pull off a cocky, iron-fisted hero in "X-Men" and then turn around and pull off hosting the Tony Awards by singing, dancing and entertaining the industry's finest. And, he's incredibly good looking to boot.

Also, does anyone else still love Kirk Cameron? Mike Seaver was definitely my cup of tea back in the day. I wonder if he'll ever get back into the industry...

Happy Birthday Hugh and Kirk!

*P.S. After viewing a variety of Hugh photos online, I am officially announcing the addition of Hugh to my Top 5. Matthew McConaughey has been replaced.


Andrew said...

It's about time Wolverine joined me in your Top 5.

Tiny said...

Hehehehehehe... Yes, he's right after you on the list.