It's all about respect

Had a phone conversation with my good friend, B, yesterday. It had been like five months since we had talked – not cool since we used to be almost inseparable back in our carefree college days. Anyway, we got talking about our relationships. He asked how mine was going. I asked about his.

Since B's culture differs from mine, I find that I often have a difficult time understanding him when it comes to relationships. When I asked him if he was happy with his new gal, he said, "Yup. She listens well and minds her own business." Not exactly the response I was expecting for some reason.

Now, if you know me at all, I often have a difficult time with these types of answers and tend to spawn off into my holier than though tirades of how men should want women who have a voice and who act as teammates in a relationship. Of course, I did just that.

Only after I hung up did I realize that I should have just shut up.

Whether I agree with B or not doesn't matter. It never has. And, while it has continued to provide friendly banter on such issues as arranged marriages and such, perhaps it's time that I just be quiet and respect his thoughts on the matter.

Next time, I'll just keep quiet, enjoy the conversation and respect my great friend for his many beliefs, culture and customs.


M said...

Interesting. Cultural differences are always amazing.

I'm thankful that I'm allowed to have a voice if I so choose.

Anonymous said...

Good call.

And I agree with you, in relationships it is important that both parties have a voice. It's a necessity if you want to call it a "relationship."