A little help?

Of all the new shows this Fall, I gotta say, "Heroes" is definitely my favorite. I don't know what it is about the concept of superheroes, but I LOVE it.

I have one question for those other fans out there, though. What the heck is the deal with Ali Larter's character? What is her power and how is it going to help in the long run? Any thoughts or theories are certainly welcomed.

("Heroes" is on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC.)


wrestling kitties said...


T & I are trying to figure that out too. I thought she could be in two places at once or she has a subconcious mind that makes her do what she thinks - but T said no to two places thing, of course he can't give me any idea at all so whatev!! LOL

I love that we just don't know anything right now - it keeps it exciting! And how cool was last weeks episode - a "preview" into the future SWEET!!

I wish I knew what her character is all about. I am sticking with both of mine above for now until they give me more clues! Such a GREAT show!!!

M said...

Ooh, I like the subconscious mind thing. That's a possibility. I was also thinking evil twin, that's very comic booky.

Or maybe SHE'S the bad guy??

That's cool that there's one that's a mystery.

Funny Prints said...

Hi there! I love the show too. I don't think she's a bad guy. I'll second Michelle on the subconscious mind thing. I wonder what the really evil guy will do to his adopted daughter. He's scary looking and can't wait to learn his power.