Priceless life moments

My bro-in-law’s surprise 30th karaoke birthday extravaganza was a hit! It was so great to see him walk in. Confusion. Shock. Happiness. It was great. Made me think back to when my friends and family threw me a surprise party for my 16th birthday. Definitely one of my most favorite moments.

Other favorite life moments (in no particular order):
• Seeing my BP at the altar on our wedding day.
• Sitting in the waiting room during my dad’s brain surgery to find that his “tumor” was actually an abscess.
• Seeing my bro walk for the first time after his bout with Guillain Barré.
• Holding my nephew for the first time.
• First vacation with A to Boston. (“Bloody Redcoats!)
• Seeing a sea of close family and friends at our wedding. (The wedding in general!)
• Holding up a first-place trophy at Volleygrass. (Year eight, I believe… Go Aim and Hammer!)
• Sitting in the Herald office until the wee hours with my pals.
• Parasailing in Key West with H.
• Driving home with a tiny, recently purchased Cooper on my lap.
• Serving 15 in a row in an AAU tournament. (We skunked ‘em!)
• Karaoke at Cruchy’s with buckets of beer.
• Round the world party with the PC gang (circa 2004).

There are so many more. These are just the one I can think of at the moment… They make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

I had the chills. You have some pretty amazing moments listed.