Too much plastic surgery?

Has anyone watched "The View" lately? If so, is it me or does Barbara's face not move AT ALL anymore when she talks? It's almost painful to watch.

Her speech has always been a bit slurred but, in the past, you could make things out by watching her speak. Now, it's like those sketches on "The Daily Show" and Leno that use a photo of someone (usually of great importance) and have them say random, ridiculous crap using someone else's mouth.


M said...

I can't stand watching that woman. Period. Her voice is annoying and she's tried WAY too hard to be hip and cool. And she has failed miserably.

She had discredited herself so much, that plastic surgery is just another reason for me not to like her.

wrestling kitties said...

Well M I couldn't have said it better myself, so I am saying what M said! Barbara Wha Wha - you suck!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Babs as I do Oprah. I'm over them both.