Would you do this?

I have really great friends.

I'm not sure if I'd ever casually just hold their hands while taking a leisurely stroll, though. (The exception being when one or both persons involved is heavily intoxicated and needs the extra hand to maintain balance.)

I find it a little odd.


Anonymous said...

Everything about that picture is odd:

1.) When did Katie and Posh Spice start being friends?
2.) Why are they wearing the inverse of one another's outfit?
3.) Why are the holding hands?
4.) Where is Tom?

It's all odd.


wrestling kitties said...

No, I am sorry and it isn't a homophobic reaction or anything I just don't hold hands with my friends even my very best friends!!! I hold hands with my husband but other than that I would not walk down the street holding hands with my friends! Well maybe I did when I was young, in college and drunk and I thought it was funny or we were trying to flirt with guys - but of course that was par for the course - it was college! HAHA

Yes, the whole pic is odd as well! Weird, Tom what have you done to the poor girl?