Great Expectations

After marinating in my own disappointment over our REALLY BAD wedding pictures long enough, I finally emailed our photographer to let him know we weren't the happiest of campers.

Now, I realize that wedding photographers aren't perhaps as skilled as the photographers we work with here at the OCC. However, I do expect that they have a slightly higher skill level than, say, Great Aunt Bertha.

Anyway, I constructed a list of things that were "wrong" with our photos and sent them to our photographer (who, by the way, was somewhat of a family friend - not a good idea). I then asked him if he might just send us the master photos so I might retouch and tweak on my own.

We got our cd yesterday. I'm definitely happier. Had I not sent the email, I probably would have still been upset about this situation 30 years down the road.

Besides, everyone loves constructive criticism, right? :)

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wrestling kitties said...

As long as you are happy in the end! Have fun retouching, I will give you mine and you can retouch a few face and arm issues I have ;-) hahaha

I am glad he is giving you the opportunity to fix them.