I was tagged

Three things that scare me: mice, loved ones dying and those crime shows A makes me watch
Three people who make me laugh: A (my husband), M (my brother-in-law) and N (my other brother-in-law)
Three things I love: (The husband, family and friends are a given) my dog (most of the time), our new computer (I can finally watch shows online!) and clothes
Three things I hate: dishonesty, people who keep driving in a lane that is ending (mostly during construction), people who cut in line
Three things I don't understand: Inequality, why I didn't grow just a little taller, celebrity marriages
Three things on my desk: Eyedrops, a turtle candle, a learn to draw Nemo book I got for free that I'm going to give to my nephew
Three things I'm doing right now: talking to M, wishing my work was done, thinking about what to get people for Christmas
Three things I want to do before I die: travel to Europe, take the Alcatraz tour in San Francisco, spend lots of time with family and friends
Three things I can do: make a mean cheesy potato dish (thanks mom!), sing karoake (how well wasn't the question...) and write
Three things I can't do: roll my tongue, a cartwheel, fly
Three things you should listen to: your gut, your heart and your mom
Three things you should never listen to: an alarm clock, nagging, that awful "O. H. I. O." chant
Three things I'd like to learn: to speak french, to cook, learn about different cultures and religions
Three favorite foods: crab legs, key lime pie and mashed potatoes
Three beverages I drink regularly: water, milk (skim!) and Vernor's
Three TV shows I watched as a kid: TGIF (back in the good 'ol days with Full House, Perfect Strangers and such...), Punky Brewster and Growing Pains

B Furtah... It's your turn!


Anonymous said...

I agree, TGIF back in the day was awesome.

The O.H.I.O. cheer will never get old.

I'm sure your cheesy potato dish is wonderful.

And mashed potatoes ARE from heaven. They're a gift.

Anonymous said...

thanks K