It's about time

I'm not sure why I'm so excited about Britney finally ditching K-Fed. I haven't been a huge fan of the Britster for quite some time. Still, I've never been so excited for a Hollywood couple to call it quits. He just seems like such a big loser.

Time to reinvent and refocus. Maybe there's still hope for you yet BS.

Read the full scoop here.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO pleased about this. I'm a fan of Britney.

We lost her for a couple of years to the dark side, however now I'm welcoming her back with open arms.

And don't feel bad about your disdain for K-Fed - it's allowable. He's super gross. Really.

wrestling kitties said...

The articles said Kevin has been planning to divorce and was planning on using Sean P as leverage to get more money. WHAT AN ASS!!! Using your own kids to make more money - ridiculous! I am so glad Britney did this on her own terms and is asking for full custody! we love you Brit!!!

Bobbers said...

TOTALLY AGREE!! It is about freakin time!!!

Anonymous said...

I could not keep up with half of the things that go on in the world if it wasn't for your blog! You've always been so good about knowing the most recent news-and the good stuff! The stuff I want to know about =) Some hollywood, the general politics, the good stuff =) I appreciate you...~Renee'