White or colored lights?

Are you a white light person or a colored light person?

I grew up loving white lights. I think they are so elegant and beautiful. My husband grew up liking colored lights. So, every year, we butt heads a bit as to how to decorate our humble abode. (This year, white lights on the front of the house and the tree, and colored lights on our back deck. Chalk one up for me.)

Anyway, are we the only couple that clashes on Christmas decor?

* Pictured above right? Our tree!


Anonymous said...

I prefer any solid color. All white, all blue, all red, all green. Doesn't matter. I just don't like multi-colored.

My tree happens to be all white.

jo king said...

I love your tree! It's beautiful! T and I both like white lights too...that's at least one decor thing we do agree on! Seriously, it took us like 3 months to decide on a kitchen table...luckily I won that battle :)

Mz Benz said...

The tree looks lovely! Kudos on a great decorating job... I just set mine up this weekend and am SO excited, I haven't had a tree since 2002.

Anyway, I am a colored lights girl from way back. D came over and helped me decorate (yay!) and the only thing we clashed on was the ornaments. I have several bird ornaments and D has a bird phobia... he made me vow if we ever get married, there will be no birds on our tree. I can deal with that.

wrestling kitties said...

Very nice tree!!! (I can't wait to set up ours!)

T. likes multi-colored lights, I prefer white lights with tons of different ornaments! However, this year T & I are trying something new that we both agreed on - blue lights!!! They are these long-lasting, slightly bigger, really pretty colored blue lights! I think they will look really nice on our tree! We can't wait to hang them up in our new place!!!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is GORGEOUS!!!

I'm a fan of white lights.

I do, however, enjoy a certain color scheme of colored lights... Not on trees, but on houses...

Tiny said...

Thanks for all the compliments on our tree guys!... I love coming home and turning it on!