One down...

...And hopefully many, MANY more to go.

A and I were able to celebrate our one-year anniversary this year with the help of our good friends, T and C, who got married on Saturday. (A BEAUTIFUL wedding, I must say.)

They say that love grows stronger over time. With A, I find this to be 110 percent true.

The moment I met my BP, I knew. He was the one who made me laugh harder and smile longer than anyone I'd ever been with before. He respected me. He believed in me. He loved me. And, I him.

Since I met him, I wake up each day feeling more lucky than the last. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible partner in life.

I love you A.


Anonymous said...

Congrats A. & K.!

I wish you MANY more years of bliss. :-)


wrestling kitties said...

Congratulations!!!! :D

BP said...

I love you so much PQ.