A perfect "Holiday"

A and I went to see "The Holiday" last night. I must say, I enjoyed every moment of it. I really love Jude, Kate and Jack. And, Jude and Cameron seemed to have such chemistry on screen.

It was one of those that I could have sat through all over again - right after it finished.

I will definitely own this movie.

*P.S. I would also like to state that Jude Law is back on my list. His smile is just brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Ha! "The List."

I think we need to do another email about that today.

I was JUST telling my sister and her friend about our "lists" and how we'd update them on a semi-regular basis (or as needed.)


wrestling kitties said...

T & I were going to see this movie this weekend but didn't make it :( I have him convinced to go b/c Jack Black is in it YAY!!! Normally he doesn't do "chick flicks". I am so glad this was a good movie...I can't wait to see it!

Tiny said...

It didn't get wonderful reviews for some reason... I still thought it was terrific. (Perhaps I was a little emotional or something...)