Thoughts thus far

1) I LOVE coming home to my husband every night.
2) Detroit is not as bad as I thought it'd be. (Although, I literally get off the expressway and am on campus.)
3) I miss my Mac!
4) Having a fenced in yard for Cooper is definitely less irritating.
5) I'm amazed by the diversity at WSU.
6) I love coming "home" and turning on E!
7) I miss our home.
8) I miss our beautious Christmas tree.
9) I hate not knowing things at work.
10) Traffic sucks.
11) I think I'll really enjoy working with the women in my office. (There are no men.)
12) I've never met so many lawyers in one day.
13) I miss my old officemates :(

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

(Excellent to read about your transition this far...

Can't wait to hear more!)

wrestling kitties said...

Yes, please keep sending us updates when you can! The first week or two are exciting and nerve racking - getting use to something new and different from what you are use too!