True meaning of Christmas

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. At 6 p.m. we head to church and then come right home to appetizers, drinks, Christmas music and gifts.

This year, like every year before it, we went to the candlelight service at my childhood church. Unlike past years, though, I found myself really savoring every moment.

My favorite part - when we light our candles and sing Silent Night - has never been more meaningful. Instead of singing, I couldn't help but just take in the moment. My family, overflowing into two pews, looked so happy. So blissful.

I sat there with my wonderful husband, nephew, sister, brother-in-law, mom, dad and three grandparents. (Definitely missed my bro and Aunt J.) Somewhere around the second verse, I couldn't hold back the tears.

I thought of all the years we've been in that same place. The same moment. With the same people. Then, for whatever reason, it hit me. That thought of not knowing how much longer we'd be able to celebrate this way, with all my loved ones. Emotions overtook me.

I pretended I had something in my eye when the lights came back on. My BP knew otherwise.

I don't think I'll ever be able to make it through Silent Night again.


wrestling kitties said...

:-) how very special!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. I have the chills. Very, very sweet..