Friday thoughts

I had a long drive home from work today. It was raining, so everyone went at least 20 below the speed limit. On the way home, I couldn't help but just think. In an effort to purge at least a few of my thoughts and questions, I thought I'd post them for you.

- How long is too long of a commute? How far would you drive?
- I used dark red nail polish without using a base coat in a rush to get to a New Year's Eve party. Now, I'm thinking my nails are yellow/orange underneath. Anyone have any remedies?
- Panera (Bread) sounds really good for dinner.
- Can you see the lines on the road when it's dark and rainy? I can't. At all. (Probably a good thing everyone goes 20 below the speed limit.)
- If you married an incredibly wealthy person, would you still work?
- We're scheduled to go through some houses tomorrow. I'm really excited. I think I could always look at houses - even if I wasn't in the market to buy.
- H's husband, J, is entering his second week smoke free. I can't imagine how tough that's gotta be. Awesome.
- I don't want to spend money on tires for the Jeep. I'd much rather go on a shopping spree.

OK. Perhaps now I'll be able to put my mind to rest. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I'd commute up to 45 minutes. My friend D. does 1 1/2 hour each way. She lives in Dallas and it's congestion, not distance - wonder if it makes a difference?

I can't see those stinkin' lines either. I hate to drive at dark and in the rain - a rainy night is the worst.

If B. was wealthy, I'd still work, but I'd do something fun like own a scrapbooking/coffee shop or a scrapbooking retreat in Hocking Hills. Or maybe a used bookstore/coffee shop. I could think about this question for hours.

And finally, I, too, need tires on my Alero. Boo.