Major dilemma

A favorite pastime in the C household involves sitting around the kitchen table playing Nerts (see former entry here). We play a couple games a few times a week. The dilemma you ask? I’m usually really good. (Excuse my lack of humbleness on this matter).

I know being good at something usually isn’t a bad thing. Everyone starts out incredibly excited. Then, as I conquer my Nert piles and pull into the lead, the C Clan gets more and more quiet/annoyed – especially the ‘ol hubby.

The problem? I just don’t know if I have it in me to not give 100 percent every game. I’m too competitive.

So the questions I pose to my loyal readers are as follows: Should I slow down for the sake of family fun? Or, should I continue on my quest for absolute domination in the world of Nerts – despite frustrating those closest to me?


A. said...

I gotta go with don't change your style. If you win, you win. If you didn't give it your all, would you enjoy the game as much? It's great that you are thinking about their feelings, but they probably would be annoyed if they could tell you weren't trying as hard as normal.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Slow down the pace for the sake of family fun.

Enjoy the jokes, laughs and time with the family -- not the winning.

(I only feel like this because for my ENTIRE life my Grandma has gotten beyond angry when she either starts to lose or actually loses a game. I've learned to just enjoy being part of it.)

wrestling kitties said...

Yeah, you can be competive sometimes but just enjoying the family time and making sure everyone is happy and having fun is also important too!

I still really want to try this game!

Mz Benz said...

I think not only should you NOT tone down your card prowess, you should also jump up from the table after each winning round and yell "YEAH! Eat that, beeyatches!" and then do some kind of victory dance. Try also injecting comments at the dinner table to A's parents, like "Great meatloaf... good thing you cook better than you play cards, because you sure suck at that!" And then laugh heartily.

Sarah said...

What the heck is Nerts?