Newbie Nightmares

After talking with H the other day about her first day at her new job where she received absolutely no direction or guidance, it dawned on me that I needed to post a blog about first days.

Bottomline? Being new sucks. Not knowing how to do something sucks. Not knowing when to come in, leave, pee or take lunch breaks sucks. It's like your very first day of school all over again.

That said, I would like to say that I am feeling a bit more settled into my job and am slowly getting acclimated. I now have many things to keep me busy and am learning a great deal. Thank goodness.

Do you have any nightmare or interesting first day stories to share? If so, please do:)

* I am not aware of the identity of the little girl picture above. I can only hope her parents know her picture is circulating around the world via the Web.


Anonymous said...

Being new does stink. I didn't remember it stinking so much! Glad you're settling in!

Anonymous said...

Um, I didn't know there was an "upstairs" to our office where the microwave and eating utensils were until I was there for nearly one month.

I hear ya LOUD and CLEAR.

(We were spoiled at Owens. Little K. took care of us. I think I had a stapler, paper trays and my own scissors the first day I was there.)

jo king said...

Picture this...my first real professional job. I decided to be sociable and thought it was lovely that my fellow co-workers invited me down to the cafeteria to eat lunch with them. Little did I know that I should have come up with some excuse why I had to miss lunch (as I have every day since that fateful day). The entire time, my colleagues talked about how much their jobs/employer/boss sucks! Keep in mind this was a new, exciting job for which I moved across the country for! Not my idea of a good first day! Couldn't they have mentioned that during the interview?! Talk about crushing my youthful optimism!