I played raquetball this weekend with my husband and his mom. It was basically my first time ever actually playing. (The time with A out in Connecticut doesn't really count.)

Now, personally, I never really thought of raquetball as a sport that tested the limits of the body. Boy, was I wrong.

My upper body is SO incredibly sore. I'll never dis raquetball again.

P.S. See that woman in the picture above? That's what I looked like.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm impressed! How fun! I played it just once - in high school - I get NAILED with a ball. It killed.

wrestling kitties said...

oh no!!!

I have tried a few times. I have horrible hand eye coordination....it was a mess when I played in college and so sore after words!

MD said...

One of my favorite sports to play. Me and a buddy used to play for, literally, hours on end in college. It was a great workout and a lot of fun. We were even entertaining enough that pro football players would watch us upon leaving their workout (the Colts pre-season camp was help on my campus).

A. said...

I have never played, but would like to try it. I'm not very athletic anymore though.