Want my underwear too?

A and I just got our first official offer on our house. Pretty exciting seeing that it really hasn’t been on the market long.

That said, we were a little less than enthusiastic about the offer. It’s obviously a buyer’s market. We know that. However, it was one of those that you just look at each other and laugh. Hard.

The best part? Not only did they ask for all of our appliances (for a price WELL BELOW our asking price), they also asked that we include our brand new entertainment center!

I find this a little disturbing.

We’re already getting taken for a ride on this ordeal, and now, you want me to throw in my most prized personal possessions?

I don’t think so. (Fingers snapping in the air.)


wrestling kitties said...

HA! well very interesting!

Anonymous said...

The nerve of some people! :-)

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up.

(Your post title.)

Knowing what you went through to get that entertainment center, do NOT give it up.

It's just the beginning.

Hang on to your underpants.