Unearthed treasures

A and I went home to Maybury this weekend. While there, we went down to my parent's storage area and unearthed some of my most favorite childhood treasures.

Exhibit A? My three bins of Barbie dolls, clothing, cars and accessories. I'm now nearly 27 years old and still can't even think of getting rid of them. Although, I must say, the condition of said Barbie dolls has indeed gotten worse over the years. I can't even imagine getting a brush through most of their heads.

Exhibit B? Wish World. (Pictured above.) I didn't have too many of these but I certainly remembering loving them. I had one that turned from a clock to a bowling alley, one that turned from a bath tub to a beach scene, and one that turned from a tv to a game show. Awesome.

Exhibit C? My bubba. (Embarrassing, I know.) I was close to being somewhat of a Linus with my security blanket. Bubba even became my nickname in my family. It was yellow and white, and had MANY large holes in it by the time I was brave enough to say goodbye. Little did I know my mom, who had made it herself, packed it away. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.
What could you never part with?


A. said...

I don't have a lot of things from my childhood, but I'd love to have my Christmas ornaments (from Grandma and Grandpa every year) and my Cabbage Patch doll. :-(

Tiny said...

Oh man... I also found about six of my Cabbage Patch dolls... Perhaps I'll send you one:)

wrestling kitties said...

WOW, how exciting!!!

I loved my barbies, most of them though have cut off hair and are kind of punkish so I don't know how fun they would be anymore, but I would love to find where they are hiding in our house!

The ONE thing I could never and have never parted with is my kitty (a stuffed animal). I still sleep with her to this day and never go on a trip without her. She looks like crap, I am sure is full of germs, and keeps getting flatter b/c I lay on her at night but she is the one thing I know I would cry alot over if I lost or something happened to. (yeah, I am almost 27 - whatever!!)

Mz Benz said...

- My American Girl Samantha doll (with all of her outfits) that my grandma bought me.

- My stuffed turtle that I still sleep with, despite being 25 and about to enter the practice of law.

- Number one thing I cannot let go of from my childhood: Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I had both as a kid and sold them, and recently my fiancee and I bought a console and a bunch of games off eBay. Those are the best games ever. I seriously think I will be 60 years old someday and still playing Super Mario World.