Addison to get her own spinoff?

Not sure I like this idea.
Addison is one of my favorite characters on "Grey's Anatomy."
I'd be really sad to not see her when I tune in on Thursdays.
Read the story here and tell me what you think!


wrestling kitties said...

hmmm. I think she should just stay on Grey's anatomy and start dating Alex's character.

She is not really one of my favorite characters b/c of one little thing she does that TOTALLY annoys me. This little, completly unnatural pout - lip push thing. She does it ALL the time and I just want to take her lips and pull them!

For mainly this reason alone I don't think she should have her own show. I also am not sure if it would go over very well...we don't need to similar Grey's Anatomy shows out there!

M said...

I don't think they should mess with the chemistry of this show so soon. People love it and don't want to see anything or anyone change.

I really hope they reconsider this idea. It's not smart just yet.

M said...

You know, I just thought about something... perhaps this is being done to build drama. I read that she will be given another offer at a different hospital and if they decide to do the spin-off she will say yes to it and if it doesn't go through, she will turn down the offer.

Perhaps this is being done for ratings sake??

(That's just me always thinking that Hollywood has a motive??)

Tiny said...

I hope you're right M... Perhaps it's just for ratings...

TLC said...

I'm not too keen on the whole spinoff idea....they need to just keep her on Grey's and let her dating Alex. it's too soon to start spinning off characters from this show..it's only been on for a couple of years. spinoffs should happen AFTER a show has run its course.

Mz Benz said...

The only way she should get her own show is if its a reality series called "Ghastly-Looking Horsefaced People Who Somehow Made It On National Television." I mean, damn. I'm not saying all primetime actresses need to be drop dead gorgeous, but she's the producer's cousin or something for sure.