A feel-good flick

A and I saw “Music and Lyrics” on Valentine’s Day. My review? Lighthearted, romantic comedy mixes witty one-liners, starpower and 80s nostalgia for a light and airy, feel-good time.

Between you and me, I left the theater thinking something was missing, though. Still not sure what it was. Perhaps, Grant (who is starting to lose his young, lost-puppy kind of charisma due to old age and wrinkles) and Barrymore (whom I always enjoy) just failed to yield the kind of chemistry that Grant and Roberts did in one of my all-time favs “Notting Hill.” Perhaps it was a glitch in the story line. Whatever it was, it surely wasn’t enough to make me dislike the film. There was just too much to enjoy to ever dislike it (i.e. Grant's hip thrust and oh-so-tight pants.)

Bottomline: It’d be difficult to beat romantic comedy gems like “Notting Hill” and (the newer classic) “The Holiday.” “Music and Lyrics” gives a valiant effort but fails to deliver as big of a punch as its classic counterparts.

(I’m sure I’ll still own it for Hugh Grant’s one-liners alone.)

Grade: B.

It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with my hubby.

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Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm smiling. Awesome review. :-) I'm sure I'll end up seeing it anyway - out of obligation to Hugh & Drew... But thanks for the review, anywho...