From house to apartment

Well, after stressing quite a bit about affording a down payment, closing costs and an increased mortgage payment on a new home, as well as traveling to Europe in the next year or so, A and I have decided that it might be best to go back to apartment living for a while.

Things I'll miss about owning a home? The yard. The privacy. The space. The feeling.

Things I'm excited about? Not being so stressed out about money all the time. Meeting new people. Not raking leaves and/or picking up acorns.

Each has its pros and cons I suppose. But, as long as I'm with A, I'll be set.

Still have to sell that home of ours before anything can happen anyway...

(The layout above is a place we checked out in Farmington Hills, MI. One of my favorites so far.)


Sarah said...

I have a friend who lives in Farminton Hills! At least some of the time... he has a job in LA. Anywho, he's cool. :) I've decided home stuff is way too stressfull.

M said...

Boy, that really looks like roughing it!!

That apartment looks huge!