Routine driver's test for those above 75?

Woman involved in 3 accidents on way to church
Police say Marine City resident, 85, struck 2 cars, ran 3rd off the road

IRA TWP.- An 85-year-old Marine City woman on her way to church caused two car accidents, seriously injuring herself and another woman, during three incidents Sunday morning on Marine City Highway, police said.

St. Clair County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Green said the woman, whose name police are not releasing, was westbound and in an oncoming lane when she struck two vehicles and ran a third off the road.

At least three accidents occurred: west of Palms Road, east of Church Road and west of Church Road.

The first accident happened at about 6:30 a.m. and broke the side mirrors off both vehicles involved. One of the mirrors shattered the Marine City woman's driver-side window.

St. Clair County Sheriff Sgt. Jerry Bassett said the woman continued westbound on Marine City Highway, forcing another driver to swerve off the road.

"He said all of a sudden he realized (the oncoming car) was over a lot into his lane, so he swerved really hard and went into the ditch," he said.

The woman continued westbound after the near miss, hitting another vehicle head on about a mile west of the first accident.

The head-on collision happened about a quarter mile west of Church Road, where the 85-year-old struck a car driven by another woman.

The 85-year-old was taken by ambulance to St. John River District Hospital in East China. The driver of the other car was taken by ambulance to Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center.

Although the two women at first appeared to be seriously injured, Bassett said they were upgraded upon their arrival at the hospitals.

Deputies told Bassett that hospital officials planned to transfer the 85-year-old for further care to St. John Hospital in Detroit.

The other victim was expected to be released Sunday.

No further details were available about their condition.


wrestling kitties said...

I TRULY believe that once people reach a certain age they should have to go through some "driving" tests. Don't know what kind....but something.

When I went a few months ago to get my new licsense there was an old man in line after me. He was trying to do the eye dot test and without much luck. The lady was helping him a bit and let him pass anyways!

Of course there are also ALOT of other people who shouldn't be driving and/or should be getting retested - maybe we should all get retested every so many years!

Turtle Parade said...

That's how they do it in Arizona, and maybe other states, I don't know.

I think it is a great idea. I really think maybe we all should have to take a test ever 10 years or so...it wouldn't do anything but make our roads better.