To drink or not to drink

Remember that episode of "Friends" where Rachel starts smoking so that she can join in smoke breaks with her boss and co-workers? Well, I'm finding myself in that same kind of situation at my new job - only with coffee.

I work in an office with three other (very nice) women. All of whom head down for coffee together every morning. Laughing, chatting, socializing away.

(Those of you who know me know that I all but gave up caffeine quite some time ago. Sure, I allow myself to indulge every once and a while. But, I will never be a cup-a-day gal.)

I've thought about indulging every now and then in an effort to be "part of the gang," but they don't stop to ask anymore because they assume I'm not interested. What's a girl to do?

Hehehe... I know. I know. This is like the biggest dilemma ever.


M said...

Go, but drink decaf.

wrestling kitties said...

yeah, drink decaf or just simply say no...but I could use a stretch, do you mind if i walk with you?!?! Or, if there is hot water where they are getting their coffee bring in tea (non caffinated)! :-D