Book Review: “Jemima J”

Those looking for an easy, entirely entertaining read will surely enjoy “Jemima J.” It’s about weight struggles, obsession and learning to be happy with yourself. Throw in a bit of humor, English vocabulary (bloody!), romance and charm, and you’ve got “Jemima J.”

Grade: A-

(I’m currently listening to “Lolita” on my commute. It’s my first book on tape, and, frankly, I’m a little frightened by Jeremy Irons’ creepy rendition. More on that when I’ve finished.)


A. said...

I love Jane Green. Great author! All of her books (Bookends, Mr. Maybe, Swapping Live, etc., etc.) are good!

Another of my favorite similar, fun authors is Jennifer Crusie - Tell Me Lies, Fast Women, Crazy for You, Welcome to Temptation, Faking It, etc., etc.

Tiny said...

Awesome... Thanks A!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1. I LOVE Aunt Jemima syrup.
2. Books on CD/tape ROCK.
3. I will read this one. I love English vocabs. They're brilliant!

wrestling kitties said...

I think Jeremy irons has one of the BEST voices of all time!! I can understand how it would creep you out! I LOVE HIM!!!