To hug or not to hug

I’ve recently been seeing a lot more of my good friend, M, whom I went to college with back in the day. Previously, we didn’t see each other that often – perhaps once or twice a year – and we grew accustom to hugging when we did meet.

Now, to the bemusement of both M and I, we are hugging on a regular basis.

The question I pose for you today? Is there a certain amount of time that should pass between friends that calls for hugging?

(I really don’t mind hugs. In fact, I’m quite fond of them. M and I just noticed it was funny.)


A. said...

I don't think it's time necessarily as much as the kind of friendship that determines the appropriateness of hugging.

For example, my friend T. and I hug every time we see each other. If I see her two Saturdays in a row, we'll hug (hello and goodbye) each Saturday. She does lives an hour+ away so we're never sure how long it'll be before we see each other again.

However, I have another friend who lives even further away (3+ hours) and we never hug when we see each other.

I think if you don't mind hugging, hug away. (Did you watch the video on K's blog? Can you tell that since I watched it, I've been thinking about hugging a lot?)

Tiny said...

I haven't watched the video... Perhaps I should!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

First off - great image.

Secondly - I hug EVERYONE. Almost all the time.

Thirdly - here in Mexico, you kiss, too. It's the cheek-to-cheek stranger kiss thing. Weird at first, but oddly nice now.

Finally, I read recently that hugging someone (that physical contact) relaxes more muscles that we can count. AND it immediately lowers blood pressure and settles us.

I say, hug on.

(And watch that video.)