I like to read industry blogs on occasion. The information - regarding my areas of interest such as communications, marketing, fundraising, alumni relations, etc. - is priceless. The writers, experts at their chosen crafts.

Unfortunately, industry blogs also leave me feeling a bit insignificant.

While I continue on raving about my favorite TV shows, actors, clothing and personal debauchery, my industry peers are busy climbing the proverbial professional ladder.

This post begs the question, "Should I stop wasting time and energy posting about trivial matters? Or, should I instead focus that energy into something that might truly educate and enlighten readers?"

Perhaps only time will enable me the knowledge and capacity to engage in such an endeavor... For now, I'm guess I'm quite content blogging about the "trivial" things that interest me.


wrestling kitties said...

Well it is just a blog....I would just post what makes you happy. I don't think things like TV, music and other day to day pop culture items are in the least bit trivial or you are wasting your time...ecspecially if it makes you happy to post them!

I like posting things that are fun but I also like posting things that are a little deeper on occasion. If i strictly tried to write educational things I would get bored and I wouldn't enjoy blogging! I enjoy the fun blogs!

But do what makes you happy! Besides, I bet all those people who have "professional" blogs you read have a blog about the new lipstick they bought or what Britney just did.....you just don't see those ones!!

A. said...

I agree with W.K.

Do you ever read Corporate Hallucinations by Steve Crescenzo (http://blog.ragan.com/stevesblog/)? I meet him last year and have kept in contact with him. He has a nice way of blending the corporate/education blog with humor and pop culture. Like W.K. suggested, he has two blogs, but he's never told me the other site. I think he wants to keep it separate for fear of it being associated with Ragan.

Maybe you could do both if so inclined.

Turtle Parade said...

It really depends on why you are here. Who is your audience?

My blog entertains me, hopefully it entertains other - it's an outlet, etc. I think if I blogged about my profession, etc. it would be like I have another job. And quite frankly, I don't want that!