Financial planning

I’m getting older. (Not old, just older.)

I have a home (that I don’t live in...). I have bills. I have a retirement plan. I have a life insurance plan.

Frankly, I have all these “plans” but don’t really know if what I’m doing makes sense in the long run.

I have no stocks. I have no bonds. I have set no concrete “plan” for the future.

My question, oh loyal readers is at what point in life do people get financial planners? Have you already met with them? If so, did you feel it was well worth your time and money?


Turtle Parade said...

Yes, I have one. I started with him before I started contributing to my 401k plan at my old job. He directed me towards how/where to invest my 401 stuff. This was 5 years ago - so at age 24 I first me with a financial planner.

Yes, it is definitely worth it - especially if you really have no idea - like myself.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I too own a home I don't live in! Fun!

Financial planner? Hmmm... No. I think that whenever I even THINK about this I get "guilt" feelings. Like, 'Uh-oh - we're doing something wrong...'

Truth is, we're investing in a cool insurance thing that like. That and I think investing in real estate, (depending on location) is better than stocks.

joking said...

We have and have learned a lot from it. It puts our minds at ease to know we are on the right track. I'd recommend doing it! We see one for free through our credit union, maybe your bank offers similar services. We met with him right when we got our first 'real' jobs out of school. You have nothing to lose in my opinion :-)